Time to gain personal benefits

There is dissatisfaction with today’s internet services that take liberties with our data and new legislation such as GDPR is encouraging fairer policies. We generate a lot of personal digital data and this is being harvested by large corporations and used for targeted marketing.

Trisent believes that individuals are entitled to gain more direct personal benefits from their personal data. It is our mission to deliver these benefits directly to internet users.

Delivery of personal benefits

The first step in gaining benefits from your personal data is to take ownership and control of this data. Current legislation confirms your sovereign rights to own this data, however gathering it and controlling it is not a trivial task. That is why Trisent has developed the 1-timeline technology.

1-timeline delivers automated personal data consolidation enabling users to effortlessly take ownership and control of their data. You can then view your rich digital-self via a simple timeline-based user interface. Trisent’s 1-timeline technology has been trialled with a number of test users that reported a variety of insightful benefits from self-observation of their digital data. However, the most powerful user benefits will be delivered when artificial intelligence is used to improve the delivery of existing internet services – all based on user-side personalisation where no third party needs to be given access to your private data.

1-timeline technology is now being licensed for use in apps and on-line services.

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