As we all embark on our New Year’s resolutions the Sunday Herald’s reporter Judith Duffy writes about Codi and how Trisent’s self writing diary might be able to help us in the future. 

She writes:

FORGET the meticulous detailing of 17th Century life by Samuel Pepys or the frantic fictional scribblings of Bridget Jones – a Scottish technology entrepreneur is aiming to bring journal-keeping into the 21st century through a ‘self-writing’ diary.

For those who make a New Year resolution to record their everyday life – but never manage to find the time – a new mobile phone app which requires no effort has been developed.

The ‘Codi’ self-writing diary automatically keeps a day-to-day record of all the user’s activities – such as how long was spent commuting, where was visited and how much time was spent exercising. It can also draw in information from elsewhere, including what the weather was like, local news reports and photographs of the area.

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