EIE LogoThe new name for Trisent’s unique self-writing diary, Orla, was revealed at EIE 2017 in Edinburgh on 11th May 2017. Trisent also announced that a Beta version of the diary app would be available through the Orla Beta Programme.

Gordon Povey launches Orla at EIE 2017

Gordon Povey launches Orla at EIE 2017

Engage Invest Exploit (EIE) is the premier technology investor showcase conference featuring Scotland´s most promising high growth companies. Trisent was selected as one of these premier companies invited to pitch to over 700 delegates including 200 investors. Trisent used this opportunity to reveal Orla – the world’s first self-writing diary and in addition to revealing the new name, the Orla Beta Programme was also announced and the first 100 Beta users have been pre-selected. After the platform has been stress tested with the first 100 users, more users will be added to the programme.

Orla has been under development by Trisent since September 2016 and an early prototype diary app was rapidly developed. That prototype was called Codi (derived from contextual diary) and was released to 15 alpha testers just before Christmas 2016 and the test ran until the end of February. The feedback from these tests were used to define the specification for Orla which has now been released as an early Beta.

There is more to Orla than the phone app, it requires a complex cloud server system to process and store the diary data. Smart algorithms are run on the server system rather than by the phone meaning that the processing algorithms can be continuously improved during the Beta programme without the need to upgrade to a new version of the Orla app.

There will be continuous improvements made and user feedback will be regularly sought throughout the programme until the performance of the product is considered suitable for general release. It is currently available in the UK for iPhone only. It will work in other countries without any need for modifications but is only supported in the UK initially. Versions for other phone platforms including Android will be developed although they will not appear this year.