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Trisent Press Release for 6th February 2018

A start-up technology company has developed a new citizen focused Internet content delivery model that challenges the current advertising models used by Google and Facebook.

Scottish start-up, Trisent has developed the Personal Data Browser, a system which acts as your personal search engine, filing and sorting your private data while accessing the Internet. The system, due for release in 2018, could revolutionise search by changing the way in which content is delivered to individuals. It will also tackle one of the major concerns amongst consumers – the relentless collection and tracking of their data by the top tech giants.  Instead, individuals will get highly tailored personalised search results without having to expose their data to the likes of Google. Nor will search results be skewed by content promoted by advertisers.

Dr Gordon Povey, Trisent founder and CEO explains. “The Personal Data Browser has the ability to search and analyse all of your past activities and media without multiple interfaces and timelines. During its development, we realised that your personal data can also be used for prioritising results from external web services without exposing this data to third parties. We filed a patent application to protect this system. This is an exciting development because, in a nutshell, we can make the whole Internet experience better for you.”

“Content delivered via the Internet today is no longer citizen focussed, it is delivered with a commercial bias towards sponsored content and advertising that yields the highest revenues. Thus, your personal data is being collected via the web to enable large companies to optimise their profits. There are ‘incognito’ settings on most browsers and non-tracking search engines such as Duck Duck Go, but few people use these because, with no personalisation, the results are generally less useful.”

A beta version and release version of the new Personal Data Browser is planned for 2018. Blockchain technology is used to ensure personal information is both resilient and highly secure.

Trisent’s unique approach keeps personal data on the client side and improves search and other web based services because your own private database has a more accurate picture of you than the chunks of your data held by the current web service providers. Search criteria is automatically personalised using this knowledge, initial results are obtained through incognito searches to avoid revealing the user’s identity or preferences, and final results are obtained by locally ranking these initial results by their relevance to the personalised search request. Any sponsored content will only be seen if it is genuinely relevant to the search criteria.

While legislatures try to figure out how to deal with the dominance of a few, very powerful global companies, this Scottish start up, is providing an alternative citizen focussed model for accessing web services. This does not require the Internet to be changed or existing monopolies to be broken, instead it applies a personalised browser interface to access the desired content on your terms.

Trisent was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Dr Gordon Povey with the mission ‘to organise everyone’s personal data, make it secure and useful.’ The company’s core patent pending technology is called the Personal Context Management System and this was first user tested in a self-writing diary application called Orla during 2017. The company is now using the same core technology to deliver the Personal Data Browser during 2018. Trisent is collaborating with cyber security experts at Napier University, Edinburgh to ensure that this new product will have world-class data integrity and security.


For more information contact Michelle McWilliams on 07810 482 499, or Gordon Povey, or 07803 904 486.

Notes to Editors

About Dr Gordon Povey.

A former University of Edinburgh academic, Dr Povey is a serial entrepreneur with experience of leading technology companies from start-up, through MBO, angel and VC funding rounds, to profit and trade sale. Following the sale of his own company to Artilium plc in 2008 he has led 2 Scottish companies (PureLiFi and Dukosi) before deciding to form his own company again in May 2016.

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