Orla Diary

1-timeline is Trisent’s forthcoming product due for release in 2019. A prototype of this product has been tested with users and the commercial version is in development.

1-timeline is a unique product based on Trisent’s proprietary technology that allows you to view and search all of your personal data securely from the simplicity of a single timeline.

The usefulness and usability of 1-timeline results from the automated consolidation of data (zero user input required), and the ease by which it can be navigated and viewed.

Having all data (including previously inaccessible data) on a single timeline is extremely useful and can save time spent looking for information as well as being insightful and actionable. In addition to the practical uses, many of us enjoy simply looking back on life’s events and reminiscing. Future benefits will be gained once the consolidated data can be analysed to reveal hidden insights and also used to personalise services.

Using 1-timeline is as simple as installing the app and setting a password. The app runs in background and the personal data is accessed through a personal data browser accessible from the app or through any web interface.

The 1-timeline interface would be very busy if all data was displayed simultaneously and so events are tagged to the timeline as summary icons that can be expanded to show all details. The default timeline only shows the main places where you stayed and the Journeys made between these Stays. Thus, your entire life can be broken down into a series of alternate Stays and Journeys and these are the contexts used to form the single timeline to which items and events are attached.

The timeline is divided into daily sections with intuitive calendar navigation (this is known as the diary view). In addition, all the events can be displayed chronologically on a continuous scrolling page (known as the scrapbook view). Navigation between the diary and scrapbook view is from a single click. 

You can register your interest in trying 1-timeline by clicking here

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