Orla Diary

Trisent’s 1-timeline is a data consolidation technology that gathers personal data from a variety of disparate sources automatically and enbles the user to view all their data on a single timeline. 

1-timeline is uniquely based on Trisent’s proprietary personal context management system (PCMS) that adds tags to all personal data content and appends it to your own contextual database, enabling infomation to be viewed, searched and edited. 

A 1-timeline proof-of-concept iOS app was tested on 100 users with location updates enabled. In these trials the timeline was divided into daily sections with intuitive calendar navigation (this was known as the diary view). The default timeline showed the main places where users stayed and the journeys made between these places. Thus, the users digital life was broken down into a series of alternate ‘Stays’ and ‘Journeys’ and these contexts were used to form the single timeline to which items and events were attached. In addition, all the events were also available on a chronological interface with a continuous scrolling page (known as the scrapbook view). Navigation between the diary and scrapbook view was from a single click. 

The patent pending 1-timeline technology was found to be useful in its own right through the insights from self-observation that were made possible by the unique user interface, that got dubbed the ‘Personal Data Browser’. 

The consolidated personal dataset that 1-timeline automatically generates from multiple sources is a richer personal dataset than available from single service sources (e.g. datasets harvested by companies such as Google and Facebook). Thus, it is possible to deliver significant user benefits through the delivery of personalised services with all personal data retained on the user-side.  The personal services that can be improved include; internet search, product discovery, social media and news services.

In collaboration with academic partners, Trisent is actively developing alternative ways to improve internet services that we use daily based on 1-timeline technology and user-side personal data. All personal data is owned by the user and user-side data transactions are recorded and transparent to that user through the timeline based user interface. The security of a user’s data is central to the delivery of such services and methods have been developed that avoid the storage of password information and ensures that all private data is personally encrypted and only readable by the data owner.

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